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Filtration competence at bauma

Unveiling a host of innovative solutions, Hengst will be attending bauma 2019 (Munich, April 8 to 14, 2019, Hall A4 Booth 103) to provide an extensive overview of the original equipment, retrofitting and service parts they currently carry in their product range.

Maximum reliability, shortest possible downtimes, and a high-efficiency drive chain: Those are the decisive technological requirements of today's construction industry. Intelligent fluid management and state-of-the-art filtration technology are important for the protection and dependable operation of the motor. Unveiling a host of innovative solutions, Hengst will be attending bauma 2019 to provide an extensive overview of their product range.

In line with sustainability as one of the central themes at bauma 2019, Hengst's highly advanced fluid management systems offer an eco-friendly alternative to spin-on oil filters. Better yet, they also represent a cost-efficient solution capable of satisfying all fluid filtration needs of today's vehicle manufacturers thanks to the careful incorporation of additional technical features.

Hengst embodies suppliers capable of offering both standardized modular solutions and complex, customized fluid management systems tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Hengst’s booth at this trade fair will focus on showcasing innovative solutions in the field of oil and fuel filtration.

Fuel filtration

Blue.maxx: A new level of diesel filtration

Modern diesel engines put high requirements on the purity of diesel fuel. Differences in fuel qualities around the world necessitate efficient cleaning with modern fuel filtration concepts. That is why Hengst developed Blue.maxx – an innovative fuel filtration system in which the pre-filter and main filter are no longer considered separately. Instead, they form a well-coordinated overall system that combines single components on the basis of customer requirements. Up to five filtration stages achieve significantly better performance with respect to particle filtration, water separation and differential pressure combined with an optimal filter life, while also reducing the space needed for installation.

Customized Blue.maxx solution for MAN

For its customer MAN Truck & Bus, Hengst used the Blue.maxx modular system for diesel filtration as the basis for development of a custom solution: the Fuel Service Center (FSC).

The “new” FSC is a five-stage filtration system with lifetime water separation, in which the single stages are optimally integrated in a pre-filter and main filter. The special feature of this custom application is the mixing valve. At cold temperatures (during winter operation) warm diesel fuel from the return flow of the common rail system is mixed with cold diesel from the fuel tank. This prevents blockage of the filter insert by paraffin crystals. The system also ensures reliable operation during the transition period from summer to winter. This makes it possible to eliminate the electric heater in the pre-filter for normal use. The FSC will first be installed in MAN’s new D15 engine series.

Oil filtration

Custom-tailored filtration solutions from Hengst

There are no standard solutions for oil filtration under the hood. Countless influences and requirements necessitate a separate solution for virtually every individual case. But they all have one thing in common: Hengst provides its customers with the optimal combination of filtration efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliable operation over an extended period.

Fully synthetic filters for improved water resistance

During the combustion process in gas engines, high quantities of water can occur in the oil. This effect is intensified by the ambient conditions, the use of start-stop systems, and water injection. Conventional cellulose filters would be softened by the water, causing the differential pressure to rise and the filter bypass valve to open sooner, so that more unfiltered oil reaches the filtered side. This can be prevented by using a fully synthetic filter from Hengst.

Stack filters for high loads and differential pressures

The operation of motor vehicles in countries where extremely low temperatures prevail results in engine oil with a very thick and highly viscous consistency. When it impacts the filter, this highly viscous oil generates an enormous differential pressure, resulting in high strain on the filter. Although the filter bypass valve opens, this is delayed. The solution developed by Hengst is the stack filter. Special intermediate plates embedded in the filter cartridge shorten the pleats, giving a significant boost to stability. At the same time, these plates keep the pleats open, thus keeping differential pressure and filtration performance at optimum levels.

Multi-layer filters: The ideal solution for use in dusty environments

Hengst also has the ideal solution for construction machines, which are used for example in gravel pits in the Arizona Desert. The problem consists of large quantities of very fine dust, which also gets into the engine and contaminates the oil. If a fine filter is used, it becomes clogged very quickly. A coarse filter does not clog as easily, but the filtration capacity is also less than optimal. As a solution to this trade-off Hengst offers multi-layer filters that can be adapted exactly to the prevailing conditions to achieve the ideal combination of long service life and high filtration efficiency.

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