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Industrial filtration.

Filtration is not only required in vehicles.

Always and everywhere we have been concentrating on our core competence - filtration. For more than 60 years we have developed products, systems and concepts dealing with filtration and fluid management. And while we have already made a name for ourselves with many OEMs in the automotive industry, we also continue to be a renowned development partner for customers from many other industries.

Patented and smart.

We are not satisfied with patented solutions. Our products have to be unique (and remain so) and that is why we take the safe route for our new developments and have them patented. It may be a new fiber technology for the filter medium, or a special stamping or pleating technique, or a particular housing design. To us and to our customers, the patents reflect the uniqueness of each development and they ensure an unvaryingly high product quality. And talking about uniqueness: The longest stamped filter cartridge in the world, which is up to 1,200 mm long, comes from Hengst.

Diversity is everywhere at Hengst.

From simple to multifunctional. From individual development to modular solution. An OEM as well as a service parts supplier. From agriculture to marine applications, from cleaning devices to electrical tools. Currently, Hengst already supplies various industries with the most diverse filtration solutions - and the number is rising!

Product overview

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