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Industrial filtration.

Industrial air purification.

Effective February 2016, Hengst acquired all shares in Danish filtration specialist Nordic Air Filtration.

Nordic Air ranks among the market's leaders for premium solutions in the industrial air filtration sector and supplies dealers and original equipment manufacturers around the globe. Manufacturing nearly 4,000 different filter products and processing more than 20 different types of filter media, Nordic Air Filtration offers an extensive product selection for gas turbines and industrial applications.

Their close cooperation with customers all over the world is at the heart of the quality and dependability of their products - one example of this superior quality is the modular filter cartridge system which offers filter media and designs that match any extraction system including those used for abrasive, toxic and explosive dust. Customers also benefit from filter solutions that are tailored to their individual needs as well as from technical support on site - even in the area of air intake filters used in gas turbines for all operating environments.


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