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Passenger vehicles.

Scalable sizes for every passenger vehicle application.

Oil mist separation systems protect the engines and the environment, as the so-called blow-by gasses that may occur during the operation of combustion engines were often emitted from the crankcase without being cleaned. Strict emission limits for combustion engines, which have been introduced in most countries, ensure that blow-by gasses loaded with oil mist should no longer be emitted to the environment. Reducing oil consumption and increasing engine power.

In order to comply with the various requirements as to engine size and efficiency, Hengst offers a broad range of oil mist separators - depending on the size and built of the engine, different quantities of blow-by gases are produced that should be efficiently cleaned. For that purpose, Hengst provides various sizes to reliably and effectively clean blow-by quantities between 100 and 1,000 liters per minute. Hengst oil mist separators provide separation rates of up to 99 percent, even for smallest gas components.

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