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Electrically Driven Disc Separator for Passenger Car Applications.

In the case of gasoline and diesel engines, the disk separator ensures that the engine efficiency or the engine power can be increased over a wide range of speeds.

Hydraulically and electrically driven disc separators for oil mist separation in crankcase ventilation are state of the art in heavy commercial vehicles engines. The main reason for this technology is improved oil separation, in particular the separation of the finest oil particles.

The potentials resulting from the engine operation in passenger vehicle engines and diesel engines are absolutely comparable with one another; a low soot level on the compressor and an increased load pressure level. In turbocharged gasoline engines with direct fuel injection, oil particles in the engine intake are associated with the occurrence of pre-ignition effects at low speeds and high mean pressures. Here, the electric disk separator effectively reduces the quantity of oil fed to the intake system by increasing the speed as compared to the hydraulic variant.


Animation Blue.tron

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Download Blue.tron: Blue.tron.pdf

Link press release: World innovation, Blue.tron, goes into series production for the first time in the BMW 6-cylinder diesel


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