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Fuel filter modules.

Customized solutions for modern diesel engines in aricultural and construction machinery.

In the last two decades the filtration of diesel fuel has become one of the most challenging aspects of filtration in the vehicle.

What has driven and continues to drive these requirements are the impressive technological optimizations of injection systems. Components and systems are being further refined and pushed to their technical limits with the aim of increasing efficiency and minimizing emissions. On the other hand, the sensitivity of such components and systems to impurities is increasing. System manufacturers are therefore forced to demand a high degree of purity in the fuel when it enters the injection systems.

In addition, engines used around the globe come into contact with fuel of highly divergent quality, which is also contaminated with particles and water to a very different degree. In many regions of the world, there are hardly any upper limits for the contamination levels in the fuels provided.

As a result, the purity requirements for the fuel before entry into the injection system are increasing, while ever more critical assumptions must be made about the fuel quality when raw.


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