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Cabin filters.

Cabin filters for a healthy and hygienic climate in the vehicle.

Changing the cabin filter on a regular basis is urgently recommended in order to ensure sustainably perfect functioning of the air conditioning system: The rule of thumb is that the filter is changed at least once a year, and twice a year if the vehicle is driven a lot.

Changing the filter not only ensures the air quality in the vehicle, but at the same time it protects the motor on the fresh-air fan because the air can flow unimpeded. Approximately 100% of pollen, dust, other allergens and odors such as exhaust gases are filtered out of the air. Particles up to 3 μm (0.003 mm) are effectively retained. The activated carbon layer acts like a sponge and binds harmful gases in pores that are 10,000 times finer than a human hair. Health-damaging fine dust in the vehicle is permanently reduced.

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