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Fuel filter modules.

Pre-filter and main filter combination Blue.maxx

Blue.maxx sets new standards in fuel filtration. The lowest weight thanks to a consistently lightweight construction, and an optimization of the installation space is combined with maximum performance. The ground-breaking performance data for the contamination and water separation speaks for itself!


Animation Blue.maxx

Blue.maxx: A new level of diesel filtration

Modern diesel engines put high requirements on the purity of diesel fuel. Differences in fuel qualities around the world necessitate efficient cleaning with modern fuel filtration concepts. That is why Hengst developed Blue.maxx – an innovative fuel filtration system in which the pre-filter and main filter are no longer considered separately. Instead, they form a well-coordinated overall system that combines single components on the basis of customer requirements. Up to five filtration stages achieve significantly better performance with respect to particle filtration, water separation and differential pressure combined with an optimal filter life, while also reducing the space needed for installation.


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Download Blue.maxx: Blue.maxx.pdf

Download press relase: Blue.maxx solution for MAN

Link press release: 60 years of innovative filtration at IAA CV

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