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Air filter elements.

This allows the engine to breathe.

The air filter is absolutely the most important filter in both petrol and diesel engines. Depending on its performance level, the engine in a commercial vehicle sucks up to 1,500 m³ of air per hour with a particle content of up to 50 mg/m³. Quality filters permanently remove foreign particles from the intake air and thus maintain the engine performance. The air filter ensures an optimally dosed air-fuel mixture and ensures the best possible combustion.

High-quality modern filters achieve separation efficiencies of approximately 100 per cent and thus ensure their impact over the entire maintenance interval. Thanks to the high degree of pulsation stability, the filters do not allow dust to pass under dynamic engine conditions. Airborne particles can be deposited on the air mass sensor without safe filtration and this can lead to power losses and higher consumption rates. Reliable filtration ensures clean running in the long-term and extends the service life.

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