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Passenger vehicles.

Blue.on - the sustainable alternative to the spin-on oil filter.

Blue.on - Animation

Blue.on - Animation

There are currently approximately 800 million vehicles with screw-on oil filters driving on roads around the globe. The screw-on oil filter is a closed system, in which the internal values remain hidden. From the outside, only the closed sheet-metal housing is visible, however housed inside are the filter element, seals and valve technology. The entire filter unit is completely replaced at every oil change and must be disposed of as special waste due to the residual oil remaining in it, creating an enormous environmental impact. Often the filter unit is not recycled due to the large number of materials used.

The Blue.on is based on the idea of developing a sustainable oil filter concept, which can be applied to the conventional screw-on filter interface. This makes it possible to retrofit an existing engine family. The Blue.on oil filter is primarily made of plastic and is characterized by its low weight.

By using innovative plastic materials, the Blue.on achieves considerable weight savings. At the same time, it also meets the highest strength requirements.

The innovative Blue.on concept


Filter element


Your advantages at a glance:


Customer benefits

Weight advantage

Function guarantee

Thanks to the fact that it can serve its function for the entire service life and that the filter element is 100 % incinerable.

Protection against counterfeits. Filter changes remain easy.  

- 23% of the weight of a screw-on oil filter.

Engine-mounted filter bypass valve ensures consistent filtration performance for the entire service life of the engine.

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Animation Blue.on

Animation Blue.on