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Passenger vehicles.

Differential pressure-optimized oil filter modules.

We use state-of-the-art flow simulation methods to optimize the oil filter modules. Even in the earliest stages of development, components can be designed to be as streamlined as possible and the flow field that is created can be visualized.

The use of innovative manufacturing methods such as salt core technology for aluminum pressure die-casting or gas / water injection technology (GIT-WIT) for plastic injection molding, makes it possible to further optimize designs with regard to differential pressure and weight. Increasing demands on emissions reduction and fuel efficiency also result in a focus on pressure loss reduction in the oil cycle.

Thus, for example, it is possible to ensure that combustion engines are supplied with cooled, clean motor engine oil at all times without consuming a great deal of energy.

Below are some current examples of solutions that we have developed for customers.

If you are looking for a particular solution or application, please contact us.


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