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Transmission oil filtration.

Highly refined filtration concepts for automatic transmissions.

We have seen a strong increase in automatic transmissions worldwide. In addition, the CO2 requirements for vehicles are steadily increasing, which means that transmissions must also become more efficient. In recent years, the complexity of automatic transmissions has increased steadily. The number of gears has continued to increase. As a result, the efficiency has been optimized. The largest losses in automatic transmissions are in the oil supply. Therefore, further optimization is particularly useful here.

The cleanliness of the transmission oil has a significant impact on the service life of the individual components. If there is a high degree of contamination, these components are quickly damaged and no longer function.

There are suction and pressure filters: Suction filters directly protect the pump, and pressure filters directly protect the hydraulic actuators and usually filter only part of the oil. If the design is poor, the filter will be bypassed during a wide range of operating conditions. As a result, a great deal of unfiltered oil reaches the individual components.

In order to avoid this, our development focus is on filtration concepts that significantly reduce unfiltered oil. In addition, further system integration can be used to create added value beyond the filter.

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