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Hengst News.

Filter expert distinguished for Blue.on, a resource-conserving alternative to screw-on oil filters

In response to ever growing demand for solutions from the filtration specialist, the Hengst Group has inaugurated its 16th production site worldwide

Filter expert distinguished for “Blue-on”, a resource-conserving alternative to screw-on oil filters

Hengst receives fifth award in a row in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition

Howard Boyer joins the new board managing the Münster-based filtration specialist

New corporate form lays the foundation for further global growth. Hengst forges ahead with their global strategy: Effective December 1, Hengst is changing their corporate form from Hengst SE & Co. KG to Hengst SE.

Executive Partner and Chairman of the Board, Jens Röttgering, nominated current Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Christopher Heine, for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) starting on October 1, 2017.

In times of increasing discussion about dust pollution in traffic and the rising numbers of people with allergies, air purity inside vehicles is becoming more and more of a focus for drivers, especially drivers with families.

For the even faster search of filter types for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, land and building machinery as well as for marine.

A sustainable and ecologically efficient oil filter concept which makes outdated spin-on filters obsolete.

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