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Definitely well protected

Dr. Tobias Dierkes (Quality and Project Management Health Care Filtration, Hengst) and Dr. Sebastian Stühle (Head of Business Unit Health Care Filtration, Hengst) are pleased to receive the DIN EN ISO 13485 certification.

Hengst Filtration receives the DIN EN ISO 13485 certification for medical device manufacturers.

Breathe in, breathe out, recharge your batteries: Clean air is a blessing for the healthy. But for the sick and the weak, it is even more than that. For these especially vulnerable people, what is at stake is their safety and their own health. Air filtered to be free of pollutants plays a major role here.

Relying on over 60 years of filtration expertise, Hengst leverages its broad technology and application knowledge to develop patient-centred filtration solutions for the medical sector. Our customers’ ability to rely on our excellent quality management and safe and high-quality products has now also been confirmed by DIN EN ISO 13485 certification by an external and independent body.

DIN EN ISO 13485 sets out quality management covering various stages in the life cycle of medical devices, including installation, servicing and maintenance in the market: “Products for medical applications must meet highly demanding requirements. DIN EN ISO 13485 certification is the basis for a common language between manufacturer and supplier and establishes uniform quality standards and procedures to allow us to provide the best possible protection for patients, users and third parties with our products,” says Dr. Sebastian Stühle, Head of the Health Care Filtration Business Unit at Hengst.

This sets a further milestone in the expansion of Hengst Filtration’s field of activity, as the certification underscores the reliability of our products. The medical technology area is expected to grow disproportionately in the coming years. In addition to the existing clean room production, the Tech Center Filtration is currently being built at the headquarters in Münster. As the innovation center for the entire Hengst Group worldwide, the center will work on forward-looking filtration solutions.


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