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Hengst and paragon forge strategic partnership

Christopher Heine (CEO Hengst SE) and Klaus Dieter Frers (Managing Director, founder and main shareholder of paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA) with the innovative electrified cabin air filter.

Groundbreaking development for interior air filtration that is even effective against coronaviruses.

Filtration specialist Hengst SE and leading automotive supplier of sensors and electronics paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA want to break new ground in interior air filtration and have recently entered into a strategic partnership to this end. The goal is to combine the expertise of the two companies to bring filtration solutions to the market that sustainably keep dust, bacteria, fungi and viruses out of the vehicle interior. “We are uniting two different worlds with this collaboration. For over 30 years, paragon has played a leading role as a technology provider developing innovative sensors and electronics. At Hengst, we have been known for pioneering filtration solutions that make the planet a purer place for more than six decades. I am very excited that we can work together on developing this groundbreaking product,” says Hengst CEO Christopher Heine.

In the future, Hengst and paragon will work together on developing an electrostatic filter for car interiors that can go into series production. By combining two technologies, they will set new standards for safety, size, longevity and energy efficiency. The combined effect of particles in the air stream being charged by paragon’s components and the polarization of the filter medium developed by Hengst will result in long-term high separation values at minimal differential pressure. Through this joint predevelopment phase, the two partners will create an innovate system solution for the market with significant added value for customers.

The components designed optimally for each other by paragon and Hengst guarantee the highest performance in filtration. At the same time, the effort needed to coordinate by the partners is significantly reduced.

This collaboration increases the speed of development and creates valuable synergies as it allows the focus to stay on each company’s core skills: Hengst’s expertise in filtration and paragon’s in ionization and electronics.

Klaus Dieter Frers, Managing Director, founder and main shareholder of paragon.

This will result in maximum protection against pollutants, viruses and allergens, improved energy efficiency through lower flow resistance, minimal size and high longevity with low filtration loss. “There is no approach yet on the market that can provide comparable filtration performance in such a compact installation space,” says Christopher Heine of the core benefits of the novel electric air filtration system from the two Westphalian companies.


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Caption: Christopher Heine (CEO Hengst SE) and Klaus Dieter Frers (Managing Director, founder and main shareholder of paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA) with the innovative electrified cabin air filter.

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Caption: The new cabin air filter can boast constantly high and also energy-efficient filtration performance.


paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA


paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA, which is listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, develops, produces and distributes forward-looking solutions in the field of automotive electronics, body kinematics and e-mobility. As a market-leading direct supplier to the automotive industry, the company’s portfolio includes the Electronics operating segment’s innovative air-quality management, state-of-the-art display systems and connectivity solutions, and high-end acoustic systems. In the Mechanics operating segment, paragon develops and produces active mobile aerodynamic systems. paragon is active in the rapidly growing automotive market for battery systems with its novel lithium-ion starter batteries that use the “Flow-Shape Design” technology.

Paragon has over 950 employees at 10 locations in Germany, Croatia, China and India and directly supplies over 30 car manufacturers worldwide.


Hengst SE

The entire world of filtration.

As a family business with 3,500 employees at 21 locations, Hengst Filtration stands for innovative solutions in filtration and fluid management around the world.

Our products work a million times over to make the world a little bit purer. But it gets better – we consider filtration in everything we do. We supply technologically leading filtration systems in the fields of plant and mechanical engineering, industrial filtration, hydraulics, life sciences and health care. Our specially tailored solutions are used in medical clean rooms, air-conditioning systems, cleaning equipment, industrial facilities, electrical tools and robots.

We are also a series supplier to the international vehicle and engine industry and a development partner for sustainable drive and mobility concepts.

Making our planet a purer place.

Mobility, health, economy, environmental protection and sustainability: We’re working on the biggest issues of our time, day after day. All with the goal of making our planet a purer place. This is how we make future-oriented technologies possible in all industries worldwide.

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