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Perfect filtration solutions for the fuel cell: cathode filters, ion exchangers and water separators

Efficient, innovative and sustainable – this is the demand that Hengst places on its products. The filtration solutions for fuel cells, which also will be presented at the f-cell conference in Stuttgart on 14 and 15 September 2021, are among them.








Hengst remains true to its vision “We lead the world in filtration making our planet a purer place”. The continuing goal is to develop products for environmentally friendly drive concepts; and thanks to many years of filtration expertise, Hengst knows how!

“These filtration applications are our day-to-day business”

The fuel cell is a key technology for sustainable energy production. “Solving complex tasks for filtration of liquids and gases is our day-to-day work”, says product manager for Fuel Cell Filtration & Fluid Management Mathias Diekjakobs. “Our strength is the ability to combine single aspects to create a system, and to think ahead. This allows us to meet the specific challenges of the fuel cell.”

The right solution for every problem

Three filtration solutions developed by Hengst provide perfect support for the fuel cell: the cathode filter, the ion exchanger and a water separator.

The cathode filter ensures safe and optimally efficient operation of the fuel cell system. Since components of the fuel cell react with extreme sensitivity to particles and noxious gases, the cathode filter provides optimal protection and prevent damages of the cell.

In addition, Hengst has developed an effective ion exchanger to keep electric conductivity in the coolant as low as possible. This guarantees short circuit proof operation of the system.

Hengst likewise offers solutions for water separation in the hydrogen and oxygen path of the fuel cell. Effective water separation protects components of the fuel cell system while ensuring and enhancing performance.

Hengst at f-cell in Stuttgart on September 14 - 15, 2021

“We use our knowledge gained from decades of experience in the area of filtration and gas / liquid separation for filtration solutions in the fuel cell”, continues Diekjakobs. Therefore, Hengst will also be present at the f-cell conference in Stuttgart on 14 and 15 September for the important exchange among experts. For more information about the conference, please visit the f-cell website.


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