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The “fingerprint” identifying high-quality filters

Jürgen Efing (Hengst SE), Tobias Herzog (Tailorlux GmbH) and Gerald Rosenberg (Hengst SE)

The mechanized detection option for filter inserts devised by Tailorlux GmbH and Hengst SE exposes knock-offs immediately

Non-genuine filters or filters of interior quality may lead to serious damage during professional applications and even result in life-threatening danger. Tailorlux GmbH, the specialist in concealed marking solutions, has teamed up with Hengst SE and is currently working on a solution that will precisely identify the filters made by Hengst and protect equipment against fakes.

“At present, we are still in advanced development, i.e. at the prototype stage”, divulges Jürgen Efing, design engineer at Hengst. “However, we found a fantastic partner in Tailorlux and benefit from the additional advantage of being their sole partner in the area of filtration.”

The protection against fake products is made possible by an invisible marker. This marker is used to “brand” the filter, giving it a unique fingerprint, and can be read by sensors, such as those built into a vacuum cleaner. The device will detect if the installed filter is a model with or without the marker and can respond accordingly. As an example, vacuum cleaners will be able to detect a filter of poor quality and subsequently refuse to start. Mechanized detectors are also frequently used by customs authorities during clearing as they are supposed to improve safety and protect against fakes.

The developers have been working on this product for nearly two years already. “The reproduction of the marker is really no easy task. This features makes our Hengst filters even more unique”, rejoices Efing. However, the exact inner workings of the marker will remain a closely guarded secret of Tailorlux GmbH.


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