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Active crankcase ventilation for maximum efficiency

World innovation, Blue.tron, goes into series production for the first time in the BMW 6-cylinder diesel

Future emission regulations place rigorous requirements on engine development. Low-emission gasoline and diesel engines with modern combustion processes make excellent oil separation values a necessity for the crankcase air. Consequently, the technological trend is towards active ventilation. The electrically driven disk separator Blue.tron from Hengst, with high-efficiency oil separation and active blow-by conveyance is one of the most advanced solutions. The world innovation is premiering in the upcoming generation of 3.0 l 6-cylinder diesel engine systems from BMW; passenger vehicle series production will start in March 2020 for the BMW 3-series, and will start in April, for the X5 and X6 models as well.

Custom tailored for the requirements of the BMW 6-cylinder diesel engine; in its first series application Blue.tron has a high-speed drive especially developed for this purpose. Communication with the engine control unit is ensured by the LIN protocol. A specially developed disk package is used for the passenger vehicle application. Pressure is precisely regulated via a membrane valve that is referencing to ambient pressure.

Higher efficiency and lower emissions at the same time: The Blue.tron electric disk separator meets both of these requirements – with highly efficient oil separation and active blow-by conveyance for crankcase ventilation. Reduced oil entry into the engine's intake system enables boosting the charge air pressure level. Thus engine power and efficiency can be increased together.

Modern high-efficiency engines are sensitive to small particles; this means that separation of ultra-fine particles is required. Thanks to Blue.tron less sooting of the intake system occurs. This assures engine performance and improves emission behavior of the drive system over the entire engine lifetime.

For high process capability in series production, Blue.tron is available in three sizes and thus can be scaled for a wide variety of applications. The modular system also enables Hengst engineers to efficiently meet customer-specific requirements, such as for the BMW propulsion system.

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