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Hengst News.

Hengst at the 37th Vienna Motor Symposium

The company will be presenting the latest trends and a glimpse into upcoming developments

Hengst is breaking new ground in crankcase ventilation for automobiles with Blue.disc, the world's first hydraulic disc separator for the field of passenger cars. As a result of the space-saving design, it is now also possible to combine disc separators, which are known from commercial vehicle applications, with a hydraulic drive for use in passenger car applications for the first time. The disc separators consist of rotating discs that are stacked on top of each other. The oil-containing blow-by gases flow through slots between the discs. The fine oil particles contained in the blow-by gas agglomerate into drops on the discs and are then hurled from the edge of the discs into the housing wall. This process removes even the finest oil particles (0.5 μm) from the blow-by gas with the highest rates of separation (95%). What's more, Blue.disc can also be combined with highly efficient oil filter Systems.

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