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Hengst filtration concept for Miele's new cordless vacuum Triflex

The exhaust, central and motor protective filter by Hengst for the new Triflex made by Miele.

Perfectly matched filter stages for increased suction capacity

Cordless sticks, i.e. hand-operated canister vacuums with a floor nozzle and battery system, are becoming increasingly more popular. This year’s IFA 2019 will witness Miele’s unveiling of the Triflex, the company’s first product in this segment. Hengst Filtration has developed a system composed of filter stages that have been optimized to match the Triflex perfectly. Offering excellent separation performance at low differential pressure, the system guarantees a high volume flow and a high suction capacity.

Three stages for clean air and engine protection

Customers can opt for a base model or a HEPA version of the three-stage filter, which is composed of a central filter, a motor protective filter and an exhaust filter. Since supplying all three stages, Hengst was able to match the individual filter stages perfectly with one another and adapt them to the requirements of the customer.

Hengst optimized the filter surfaces of the two exhaust filters in an effort to utilize the available installation to the maximum, while minimizing the differential pressure. The integration of the motor protective filter into the central filter allowed Hengst to dramatically reduce the space required and made it possible to balance the separation performance between central filter and exhaust filter perfectly.

Thanks to the exceptional filtering efficiency of the central filter the turbine can operate without being hampered by particle loads. Even if requiring service, the turbine is effectively protected by the stationary motor protective filter.

Comfortable vacuuming with a premium design

Aside from a score of technical features, the system allows for comfortable vacuuming thanks to its optimized handling and low noise output. The central filter comes with a removal handle, which was engineered as a visible part with a premium surface finish. Also incorporated into the system is an acoustic insulation mat, which is designed to minimize noise and serve as a visible part.

Cleanable with a surface of supreme quality

The Triflex uses a central cyclone as a pre-separator. Positioned in the center of this central cyclone is the central filter with the integrated motor protective filter. Since Miele’s specifications called for a "lifetime component", Hengst did their utmost to ensure that the central filter is exceedingly easy to clean. To ensure exceptional cleanability even with a separation efficiency north of 99 %, Hengst has resorted to a polyester medium with a PTFE membrane on the dirty side. This allows for very effective mechanical cleaning of the filter. What is more, the plastic components of the central filter which are immediately visible to the user (visible part class 1) satisfy the most stringent quality standards.

Base model or HEPA version

Miele makes the Triflex available with two exhaust filter versions to accommodate the different requirements of their customers. While the base model is composed of a polyester medium and achieves high separation performance rates at low differential pressure levels thanks the applied nanofibers, the HEPA version is particularly well suited for allergy sufferers. This version uses a specially engineered filter medium in conjunction with a PTFE membrane. This mix yields significant differential pressure benefits compared to classic fiberglass media without affecting separation efficiency. Both versions deliver excellent service life that tallies with that of fiberglass media thanks to optimized workmanship and the structure of their media.



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