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Hengst News.

Hengst is primed for further growth

Headquarters will be extended – start of construction in first quarter of 2016

Primed for current and prospective growth: Hengst, specialist in filtration und fluid management, expands its headquarters in Münster. About 3.8 mio. Euro are being invested in a new administrative building.

The start of the first of altogether three stages of expansion will be in the first quarter of 2016. Within nine months, a new building consisting of three floors will be built, comprising numerous office rooms as well as a new canteen, training- and common rooms.

"Adjusted to the company´s growth in the coming years we will be able to expand the office builidng according to our personal needs. All necessary technical conditions are already there" says member of the board Dr. Torsten Penz.

Special attention is being paid to sustainability, not only concerning the new building but also regarding the following stages of expansion. "We handle resources carefully. Besides we are up-to-date with fulfilling all energetic standards" so Dr. Penz explains.

The empty areas in the old building will be renovated for an alternative use. Some of the area is supposed to accomodate a show room in the future.

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