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Hengst Showcases Tailor-Made Solutions at IAA 2015

Hengst is presenting an overview of the entire product range, as well as future trends and Topics.

Crankcase ventilation and fluid management for the mobility of tomorrow

Maximum performance with minimum weight, installation space, assembly and service costs: Hengst solutions for crankcase ventilation and fluid management are used as original equipment by leading automobile manufacturers. Hengst is presenting an overview of the entire product range, as well as future trends and topics, at the 66th IAA 2015 (Frankfurt am Main, September 17 to 27, Hall 5.1, Stand A28).

Efficient and reliable: Made-to-measure crankcase ventilation

There is a particular focus on the field of crankcase ventilation. Hengst makes tailor-made solutions that are suitable for all engine designs and different 'country-specific' exhaust regulations - from the efficient entry into oil separation through to high-end solutions that meet current and future emissions specifications. You can get a hands-on experience of the characteristics and advantages of the different separator concepts at the Hengst IAA stand.

Blue.disc: The first hydraulic disc separator for passenger car applications

Hengst is breaking new ground in crankcase ventilation for automobiles with Blue.disc, the world's first hydraulic disc separator for the field of passenger cars. As a result of the space-saving design, it is now also possible to combine disc separators, which are known from commercial vehicle applications, with a hydraulic drive for use in passenger car applications for the first time. The disc separators consist of rotating discs that are stacked on top of each other. The oil-containing blow-by gases flow through slots between the discs. The fine oil particles contained in the blow-by gas agglomerate into drops on the discs and are then hurled from the edge of the discs into the housing wall. This process removes even the finest oil particles (0.5 μm) from the blow-by gas with the highest rates of separation (95%). What's more, Blue.disc can also be combined with highly efficient oil filter systems.

Fluid management: Demands continue to increase

Functional integration in a compact installation space, downsizing and new methods of lightweight construction: These are just some of the formative requirements in the field of filtration and fluid management modules. A high level of development and product expertise as well as manufacturing competence that the company has established over a number of years are directly intertwined. Hengst has access to the most cutting-edge systems in the field of die-cast aluminum technology and plastic injection molding production. This is because any innovation is only as good as its implementation. That is why Hengst offers you both from a single source: Engineering competence with solution-oriented and creative thinking and in-depth knowledge of materials and production technologies of the highest level.

Differential pressure-optimized oil filter modules

Increased requirements in emissions reductions and fuel efficiency are placing a sharper focus on the subject of reducing pressure loss in the oil circuit. This means, for example, that supplying combustion engines with cool, clean engine oil must be guaranteed at all times, without too much energy being expended in the process.

The company uses the most 'cutting-edge' procedures for simulating currents in order to optimize the efficiency of oil filter modules. Components can be designed at a very early stage of development in order to generate optimum currents before the current field that finally appears is visualized. It is possible to optimize the designs even further with regard to differential pressure and weight, through the use of innovative manufacturing procedures such as salt-core technology for die-cast aluminum, or gas/water injection technology (GIT-WIT) for plastic injection molding.

Real proximity to customers - all over the world

Globally active and therefore always within reach of automobile industry customers: We already have our own locations in four continents and seven different countries (Germany, Poland, USA, Brazil, China, India and Singapore). This puts our company in a position to provide optimum support to regional markets and to guarantee short, fast routes for automobile manufacturers.

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