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Intelligent Fluid Management – Everything Runs Smoothly

Hengst features innovative filtration and deposition solutions for commercial vehicles at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

The highest reliability, as little downtime as possible, the engine's high efficiency: these are decisive factors that commercial vehicle operators demand from technology. Intelligent fluid management and advanced filtration technology are an essential part of the engine's protection and reliable mechanics. With numerous innovative solutions, Hengst provides a comprehensive overview of its program for new and retrofitted commercial vehicles at the IAA 2016 (Hanover, September 22nd to 29th, 2016, Hall 13 Stand C23).

Blue.maxx: Diesel Filtration at a New Level

The highlight of Hengst's stand at the IAA Fair is Blue.maxx, a groundbreaking, five-stage modular system for the high-performance filtration of diesel fuel. The requirements for fuel filtration in commercial vehicles are growing rapidly. Blue.maxx is based on the concept that preliminary and main filters should no longer be considered seperately, but rather as a multi-step, optimally aligned overall system. The innovative solution of the preliminary and main filter combination brings sustainable benefits: significant performance improvements in particle filtration, water separation and differential pressure are just as important as the reduction of the required installation space. The filter stages are adjusted to local conditions, which allows them to be defined for every application.

Modern Multifunctional Modules for Filtration and Separation

Hengst places further emphasis on the idea of novel multifunctional modules for filtration and separation. In particular, compact fluid management is achieved through module housing, which is used in the common interfaces of the oil and coolant circuit through additional function integration. A high-efficiency fiber separator with a compact pressure control unit is integrated in the "oil-fired" module housing to degrade interfaces, so that the crank case pressure regulation is guaranteed at all times, even at low temperatures.

Fluid Management Modules: Hightech in the Smallest Spaces

Compact and cost-efficient fluid management is achieved with module housing, in which the interfaces for the circulation of various fluids such as oil, fuel or coolant can be used through additional functional integration. The result: maximum flexibility and at the same time the adaptation of solutions for global markets. Performance-optimized versions can be fitted for all installation and operating conditions. With short, casted connecting channels and through an intelligent control valve circuit, the lowest flow resistances are achieved.

Oil Filter in Modern, Robust Design

Hengst is also pursuing new technological directions in the field of oil filters: stack filters present a novel, robust design that effortlessly meets the stress of commercial vehicle engines and scores with an efficient impact. The oil filter must withstand a pressure of up to 17 bar (corresponding to 173 tonnes) and thereby handle the contents of three bathtubs - each minute. The essential distinguishing feature of the new design is the "stack-elements": through special spaces the fold is shortened within the filter, which enhances stability and leads to an optimized differential pressure behavior. A higher opening pressure in the filter bypass valve is also possible, so that less unfiltered oil can reach the clean side. The design is perfected through sophisticated filter media, which are perfectly attuned to the respective requirements. The latest high-tech filter media are also characterized by their resistance to higher water contamination in the oil.

Pioneering Oil Maintenance with the Blue.jet Series

Hengst's expertise in oil maintenance is emphasized through innovative filtration systems such as the Blue.jet product line: The Blue.jet oil centrifuge meets the highest demands of side stream filtration in oil circuitry. High centrifuge revolutions allow the retention of even the smallest particles. Unlike other centrifugal products on the market, the Blue.jet centrifuge can be operated without a soil chamber, without lowering the engine's oil pressure. A partial flow fills the dirt chamber in a pressureless way, and dirt particles are exposed to the centrifugal field for a long time and deposited on the rotor wall. At the same time, low flow speeds prevent the washout of already deposited particles. The effect is that the friction reduces fuel consumption, the oil change intervals can be extended, and the engine's lifetime is overall increased.

From Development to the Series: Production with Depth

As a development and system partner, the company is already involved in the very early stages of new projects in commercial vehicle manufacturing. One of Hengst's particular strengths is its close linkage of innovative development and high manufacturing expertise. Particularly high manufacturing range distinguishes Hengst; from the preparation and finishing of the filter medium to the plastic casing and die-casted component, everything is prepared in house. Performance is additionally a key success factor: OEM customers have repeatedly characterized Hengst by their excellent delivery performance and reliability as well as their low error rate with supplier prices.

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