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Sixth award in a row for Hengst Filtration

Fluid-management module for Daimler HDEP engines wins the Aluminum Die-Casting Competition

For the sixth time in a row, Hengst Filtration, headquartered in Münster Germany, won first prize in the Aluminum Die-Casting Competition sponsored by the Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V. (GDA) German Aluminum Industry Association): The expert jury awarded first prize to an oil-coolant module for Daimler AG's Heavy-Duty Engine Platform (HDEP) engine; the module was developed and produced by Hengst at the Nordwalde site. The award ceremony was held on 14 January 2020 in Nuremberg as part of the "Euroguss" industry trade fair.

The aluminum casting, manufactured by Hengst, is the heart of the oil-coolant module for the Daimler AG Heavy Duty Engine Platform. The World Engine (inline 6-cylinder, 12.8 - 15.6 liter displacement) will be used in heavy commercial vehicles of the various group brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, EvoBus, and Fuso, as well as a number of agricultural and construction machines. The requirements imposed on the Hengst developers were correspondingly complex: The task at hand involved implementing a high variant diversity and integrating numerous functions, with installation space comparable to that of the predecessor module, and saving space to boot.

Thanks to the thin-walled die-cast aluminum it was possible to achieve a consistent lightweight construction. In addition, the casting meets the most rigorous requirements imposed on leak-tightness and compressive strength, and it is a designed as a lifetime component. The module developed for the HDEP engine is flanged onto the crankcase and it includes the oil filter, heat exchanger, valves, sensors, connections, and a coolant pump. In this regard Hengst relies on a completely integrated media routing system without hoses and pipes for raw oil, pure oil, and coolant. The component consists of more than 50 parts, saves installation space and weight, and with its minimal flow resistances it also contributes to fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Thus, not only was the weight of the unmachined part reduced by 18%, the weight of the die-casting mold was also reduced by 44%.

"Receiving this award again is a great honor for us; we are really pleased. It impressively demonstrates that Hengst is one of the leading companies in the industry, in development and in manufacturing.", explains Dr. Andreas Dworog, Group Director Advanced Development at Hengst. “It confirms our strategy of combining development, engineering, and production expertise under one roof. It enables us, in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, to develop innovative concepts that are ready for series production in a short time.”

The die-cast component is manufactured in Hengst’s in-house aluminum foundry in Nordwalde (Münsterland) – one of the most modern facilities of its type worldwide. The near-net-shape component produced in the foundry meets the most rigorous quality requirements for precision and purity.


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