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Hengst successful in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition for the fourth time in a row

This is a real series of successes. Hengst has taken part in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition for the fourth time - and for the fourth time in a row the company was among the prize winners. The expert judges awarded first prize to an oil coolant module for Daimler commercial vehicle engines developed by Hengst and produced at the Nordwalde site. The accolade was awarded as part of the "Euroguss" trade fair in Nuremberg.

The aluminum cast part manufactured by Hengst forms the heart of the oil coolant module for Daimler AG's MDEG (medium duty engine generation) engine. The world-class engine is installed in medium-duty commercial vehicles (4 and 6 cylinder) that are produced by the various group brands, from Mercedes-Benz to Freightliner. As would be expected, the demands placed on Hengst's developers were highly complex. The remit was to provide for a wide variety of options and to integrate a large range of functions within the given installation space. With its consistent lightweight construction, realized by means of thin-wall die casting, the cast part achieves the highest standards in tightness and pressure resistance (>50 bar in the oil section). The module is also designed to last the life of the engine. The module developed for the MDEG engine is flanged to the crank housing and encompasses the oil filter, heat exchanger, valves, sensors, connections and coolant pump.

The component is made up of over 50 individual parts, saves space and weight, and - with its low flow resistance - even contributes toward fuel and emissions savings. Up to 400 liters of cooling fluid and 117 liters of oil flow through the cast part per minute.

"We are delighted with our latest award in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition," says Dr. Torsten Penz, Chief Operating Officer at Hengst. "It validates our strategy of combining developmental, design and manufacturing competence under one roof. It is thanks to this strategy that we are able work with vehicle manufacturers to take innovative concepts to series maturity within such a short space of time." The cast part is produced in Hengst's own aluminum foundry in Nordwalde (Münsterland) - one of the most modern plants of its kind in the world. It allows for near net shape production and meets the highest quality standards in terms of precision and purity.

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