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Hengst News.

Strong tailwind from 2013 gets the new financial year underway

Hengst Automotive achieved stable growth yet again in the 2013 financial year.

The Group, based in Münster, saw its global turnover for the past year increase to EUR 393 million, representing an increase of three percent over the 2012 figure. The fluid management and filtration specialist is determined to grow further in 2014, seeking to increase turnover to EUR 400 million. The main contributory elements of this positive growth were the numerous launches of new vehicle series, in which Hengst as a development and system partner of the automobile manufacturers plays an important part, and, in particular, the fast-growing business in the Independent Aftermarket (IAM, sales of service parts).

Its combination of proven development expertise and highly specialized production expertise makes Hengst a sought-after partner for almost all the leading vehicle manufacturers. "The growth in the business confirms how important it is for us to be globally oriented", said Hengst's Managing Partner, Jens Röttgering. "The industry derives significant benefit from the fact that our development resources are networked throughout the world." 2013 was an important year for series launches - those by Audi, DAF, Daimler and Volkswagen, to quote just a few examples. Hengst's constantly high levels of investment, year upon year, have been a significant factor in achieving business success. The company invested 25 million euros in 2013 worldwide.

The service parts business was responsible for a large part of the growth in turnover in 2013 already - something Hengst wants to build on this year as well. "We are expecting double- digit percentage growth in this segment in 2014 and are seeking to out-perform the market as a whole," Jens Röttgering underscored. "Our service filters are known for their high quality - indistinguishable from those provided by the original equipment manufacturers."

The industrial filtration division, which also performed very well in 2013, will provide additional impulses for growth. Amongst other products, Hengst develops and manufactures filters for power tools, cleaning equipment and a wide range of special applications. So, there are good prospects of further global growth at Hengst - both in the industrial applications sector and in the automotive sector.

Picutre: The Group, based in Münster, increased its global turnover in 2013 to EUR 393 million.

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