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Hengst News.

World premiere at the IAA: A new dimension in oil separation

Blue.disc by Hengst: The first hydraulic disk separator for car applications.

Product launch at the 2015 IAA (Frankfurt am Main, 17 to 27 September): with its new Blue.disc product, Hengst will be showing the first disk separator for car applications (Hall 5.1, Stand A28).

With the highly efficient system for crankcase ventilation, Hengst reinforces its commitment to developing sustainable filtration solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. In particular, this new development meets the ever increasing legal requirements regarding vehicle emissions.

Blue.disc minimizes engine consumption of oil for a maximum oil separation of over 95 percent. This has been made possible for the first time thanks to the new space-saving design, which incorporates hydraulic drive for passenger car applications into the already well-known applications of disk separators for commercial vehicles.

The disk separator consists of stacked rotating plates. The oily blow-by gases flow through gaps between the plates. The fine oil particles contained in the blow-by gas are agglomerated into drops on the plates that are eventually thrown from the plate edge to the housing wall. Thus even the finest oil particles (0,5 µm) are removed from the blow-by gas with the highest filtration efficiency (95%). The purified gas is supplied to the internal combustion engine intake, and the separated oil is returned to the engine's oil circulation system.

The result is the lowest engine oil consumption. In addition, Blue.disc generates the vacuum in the crankcase that is required by law throughout all of the operating sections of the engine. Thus the special storage in the disc stack guarantees acoustically unobtrusive operation with low power consumption as well as the suitability of the component over the entire life of the vehicle. Hengst also allows combinations of Blue.disc with highly efficient oil filter systems - that way the system supplier for fluid management and oil filtration lays the foundation for additional synergies.

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