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Smart filtration solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

Evolving mobility with smart filtration: Hengst is showcasing innovative filter systems for fuel cells, alternative fuels, oil filtration, and vehicle interiors at the IAA Transportation trade fair.

The future of mobility has already begun – and the IAA TRANSPORTATION trade fair provides the perfect platform to share information about technical innovations and trends on the way to climate neutrality. Münster-based filtration specialist Hengst is showcasing its wide range of smart filter systems at the leading industry platform: for fuel cells as well as for alternative fuels, for oil filtration as well as the vehicle interior. Applying the motto ‘Evolving mobility with smart filtration’, these smart solutions will meet the high requirements of efficiency and sustainability.


Efficiency and safety for fuel cells

Fuel cell systems represent a key technology for low-emission, sustainable mobility – especially in the commercial vehicle sector. Hengst is already working on novel filtration solutions in the OEM sector, and in Hanover it will be showcasing a range of innovations for safe operation at a high level of efficiency. One of the challenges of fuel cells is the solubility of ionic components in the coolant circuit. The Blue.iox ion exchanger recently developed by Hengst keeps the electrical conductivity of the coolant to a minimum and thus rules out any short-circuit effects.

Smart filtration technologies can also protect the core components of the fuel cell from gases and particles. Hengst has designed a cathode filter for this purpose, which separates sulfuric gases and ammonia in a particularly effective manner, thereby preventing damage to the catalyst and the fuel cell membrane.

Effective water management is decisive in order to prevent fluid retention and thus secure smooth long-term operation of the fuel cell. To meet this requirement, Hengst has created a new type of separator module for anode gas recirculation. Using an innovative valve system, this combines the functions of water-drop separation and gas discharge.


Healthy air inside the vehicle

As well as filtration solutions for new drive concepts, Hengst is also an in-demand development partner for manufacturers when it comes to the vehicle interior. The Blue.ion electrified interior filter provides passengers with reliable protection against pollutants, allergens and odors. This new development utilizes a combination of ionization and polarization – which results in a high degree of separation at minimum installation size.


Smart Blue.maxx fuel filter system

The requirements placed on the purity level of fuel for operating modern diesel engines are constantly increasing. Hengst Filtration has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends in engine technology, and has developed the Blue.maxx fuel filter concept for this purpose, which consists of commonly available base versions that can be enhanced with innovative add-ons.

The smart fuel filter system achieves particularly effective water separation and thus always ensures a high fuel purity level. The system for improved engine efficiency can be perfectly adapted to a range of applications as both an original and a retrofit solution thanks to its modular design.

The Blue.maxx module contains four basic versions for volume streams of 100, 200, 300 and 450 l/h. You can also choose from a range of fuel pumps, heating systems, sensors and filter inserts with different levels of separation and fineness.


Blue.on – the alternative to the spin-on filter.

In the field of oil filtration, Hengst Filtration also offers its Blue.on sustainable filtration concept for commercial vehicles. This award-winning alternative to spin-on filters can be replaced without tools, creating 25% less weight and 90% less waste: ideal for the drive systems of today.

Spin-on filters are used for numerous applications. Each time the filter is changed the entire filter unit is completely replaced, when actually only a new filter element is needed. The housing that contains the other functions is disposed of with the filter, thus generating millions of tons of waste each year and causing great harm to the environment. In most cases, there is no recycling due to the large number of different materials built into the units. Worse still, the spin-ons must be disposed of as special waste due to the fluid residues that they retain.

The Blue.on filtration concept consists of three components: A cover made of plastic, a filter element and the valve adapter, of which only the filter element has to be replaced, and the rest of the components remain on the engine for its entire lifetime. Applying the Blue.on to the existing spin-on interface is child’s play, whether in cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery or even marine applications.


Lightweight fluid management

The years of experience gathered by Hengst in innovative, space-saving components is reflected in its fluid management modules, which combine a range of functions. CO2 emissions are sustainably reduced thanks to the combination of lightweight, integrated thermal management and a reduction in differential pressure. In addition to the oil filter and the oil cooling, oil pressure control valves, heat exchangers, coolant supply with coolant filter and many other functions can also be integrated to suit the respective requirements of the manufacturer. The hybrid construction also helps to save weight when it comes to heavy commercial vehicles. Thin-walled aluminum components are combined with high-strength plastics to form this lightweight solution.


Hydraulic filters for high requirements

With the takeover of Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulic filter business in 2021, Hengst expanded its product portfolio to include complete filters and filter elements for extreme mobile hydraulic applications. Line filters, with the patented ‘cyclone effect’, represent one of the highlights in the field of hydraulics. These designs sustainably reduce operating costs, while optimizing filtration performance.

‘PURE POWER’ represents another ingenious technology to be found in Hengst hydraulic filter elements. These elements remove up to 50% more particles at a comparable retention rate and low differential pressure. All filter elements are fitted with an electrically conductive fleece as standard, which ensures an exchange of charges between oil and the filter material.


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