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Christopher Heine is the New Chief Executive Officer of Hengst Filtration

Executive Partner and Chairman of the Board, Jens Röttgering, nominated current Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Christopher Heine, for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) starting on October 1, 2017.

Thus together with Jens Röttgering, Christopher Heine is now responsible for managing Hengst Filtration.

Mr. Heine has worked for Hengst since May 1st, 2012 and in addition to financial matters, he was previously responsible for the international aftermarket and the industrial air filter division. In his role as CFO, Mr. Heine made significant contributions to improving the professional image of Hengst Filtration and building a market strategy.

Prior to joining Hengst Filtration, Mr. Heine worked as a Managing Director / CFO of a textile manufacturer. Moreover, Mr. Heine is able to draw on a wealth of experience he has collected in business consulting, as well as at the company Hella, where he spent time in both the German and Chinese branches.

“The goal going forward will be to continue to strengthen Hengst’s status as a global filtration specialist and, in terms of diversification, to supplement our business with innovative market segments,” explained the new CEO, Christopher Heine.

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