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Hengst Filtration is becoming climate neutral – starting with HQ in 2022

Christopher Heine (CEO) and Jens Röttgering (Owner)

Professional filtration provides for clean water and pure air, but the filtration specialist wants to do even more by making a social contribution. As a first milestone on the way to achieving climate neutrality at all of the Hengst Group’s locations around the world, the headquarters in Münster will already implement this goal next year. Other locations will follow every year until 2030.

Filters can do more than just filter

Filters and filter solutions are intrinsically important for sustainability. The importance of reliable filter systems for protecting people and the environment has become clear as a result of the pandemic. Intelligent filter technologies, however, are not only able to filter out hazardous substances. They also enable energy-efficient, and therefore increasingly CO2-reduced operation of machines and systems – from wind turbines to industrial plants.

“Our filters make the world a little bit cleaner”

“We want to preserve our planet. Every filter manufactured and every filtration solution developed by Hengst makes our planet a little bit cleaner”, CEO Christopher Heine sums up the company’s vision. For the father of three, mankind is at a crossroads. “That means that businesses also have to make their contribution. It’s the only way to give future generations a chance to have a fair life”, says Heine.  

And at Hengst, “How” is just as important. The Group is setting the first milestone at the company headquarters in Germany, which produces more than 50 million filters every year. The ambitious goal is for Münster to become climate neutral in 2022. That is why only electric power from regenerative sources is used at the location. In addition, the roofs of the company buildings are being used to install a solar power system, which will further reduce the consumption of electric power. Additional optimization of resource-efficient processes and production technologies emphasizes the company’s goal of eliminating unnecessary CO2 emissions.

The remaining CO2 according to Scope 1 and Scope 2 of the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol” will initially be compensated through selected and certified climate protection projects, and reduced to zero over the coming years. The process of CO2 compensation, which is based on the “clean development mechanism” of the Kyoto Protocol, is an established process for management of greenhouse gases in the corporate environment.

Münster is only the first waypoint on the overall route. Every year, other Hengst locations will implement climate neutrality measures. And new locations will be climate neutral from the first day of operation. Because the intention of achieving total climate neutrality by 2030 is possible only if all locations around the globe make their contribution and live the Hengst vision: “Making our planet a purer place”.


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