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New prefilter for extraction systems: Improved hygiene and lower cost

InLine patient filter is the product of the joint expertise of Hengst Filtration and TBH

Münster, May 12, 2021. The extraction systems included in TBH’s DF-series are used for dental, medical, and aesthetic applications. The InLine patient filter, an innovative prefilter, allows the systems to set new standards in terms of hygiene and cleanability. Better yet, its intelligent design also prevents waste and substantially lowers the costs of maintenance and cleaning throughout the service life of the system. While the prefilter was developed by Hengst Filtration, the development of the housing was a joint effort between Hengst and TBH.

Improved hygiene for patients and medical staff

From now on, all extraction systems sold by TBH GmbH as part of their DF-series will be equipped with the InLine patient filter. Operating as a prefilter in the capture element, it is located in the extraction hood close to the patient. Protecting the extraction systems, the prefilter also captures emerging particles and aerosols and separates them reliably. The low price per unit allows for a filter change after each application and thus ensures that germs, bacteria or viruses cannot be carried over from one patient to the next. The front filtration also keeps the users perfectly safe as it wards off biofilms and refluxes from the extraction arm, which can no longer be contaminated.

Low maintenance and cleaning cost for the extraction systems

The InLine patient filter keeps the extraction arm and the downstream high-efficiency filters of the system safe from such deposits as drilling and grinding residue or biofilms. Aside from making it simpler to clean the arms, these advantages also extend the cleaning intervals of the relatively cost-intensive extraction systems.
The prefilters engineered by Hengst Filtration are robust and stand up to the necessary influx of water. Despite their extra small installation space, they offer a filter area of 0.145 m² and thus make it possible to clean even high flow volumes at a rate of up to 120 m³ per hour. Filter efficiency according to ISO16890 is rated at ePM10, with a separation degree of more than 65 percent.


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