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汉格斯特的组织形式既传奇经典,又清晰精简。 汉格斯特自1958年创始以来始终是家族式企业,至今已传承至第三代。近年来,汉格斯特取得了尤其飞速的发展。今天,我们公司已在11个国家拥有19个生产基地。公司拥有3000多名员工,在我们的共同努力下,公司2018年实现了近4.35亿欧元的营业额。

延斯·罗特格林 - 公司所有者兼董事长


克里斯多弗·海涅 - 首席财务官


Howard Boyer - Chief Operating Officer

People who have worked with me know my simple business philosophy – People, Planet, and Profit.
• People first, because it is the greatest resource of any organization that has to always grow and develop.
• Planet, because it is everyone’s responsibility to assure sustainability and protect our environment for the future.
• Profit – through continuous improvement of every process in the organization – not only operations – we assure a future for our people and the company.

Gunnar Voss von Dahlen - Chief Financial Officer

"It is important to me that this company continues to be financially independent and healthy as a family business. I like lean organisations that are flexible, liquidity oriented and do not lose sight of cultural aspects."

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