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Our setup as a family-run company and our current process of transformation provide the foundation for our cooperation. Our corporate culture even has a name: PETE.

The corporate culture at Hengst Filtration is based on two major pillars: family and transformation.

Our company was founded in 1958 in Münster by Walter Hengst and is now in the third generation of family ownership. As a result, we’re not liable to our shareholders or investors, but can stand up for our own values thanks to the Röttgering family: secure jobs, high-quality products, and the company’s primary objective of "purifying our planet".

At the same time, the world and our society are changing at a furious pace. We too are undergoing a major transformation – from an automotive supplier to a filtration specialist whose active in all fields. This transformation can only be accomplished with motivated and dynamic staff, and we’re lucky to have them. We’re also making every effort to promote this mindset.

PETE: the culture that guides us

Hengst Filtration has a guiding culture that’s to be practiced by our managers right down to each and every employee. This culture is called PETE due to its four pillars: passionate, enabling, trustworthy, and entrepreneurial.


We rely on passionate employees to achieve our goals.

We want to positively inspire and motivate each other and have fun tackling our work with enthusiasm. We want to communicate clearly and maintain good relationships with our partners.


We challenge and support each other to achieve maximum success.

We assume and delegate responsibility based on the strengths of individuals. We actively share information, acknowledge good work, and encourage every employee’s development.


We build mutual trust in order to treat each other well.

We trust one another, instead of trying to control each other. We actively listen, ask questions, and encourage each other to independently arrive at solutions.

People are the center of our attention. We’ve known how important and successful diverse teams are for many decades now, not only due to our international nature. Exchange across different borders and cultures has enabled us to celebrate great achievements together!


We act as if it were our own company.

After all, we’re only able to give it our all if we assume complete responsibility for Hengst and our products. That’s why we’re cultivating a positive environment for innovation, creativity, and curiosity. If we look at change as an opportunity, then we can all actively promote the process of change.

All job vacancies at Hengst

Intrigued? We’re always glad to welcome new talent who are willing to promote our vision of "purifying our planet". All of our current job vacancies can be found on our job board.

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purifying our planet

Our vision

We make the planet a purer place with our products. We also take this journey as cleanly as possible.


We develop the filtration solutions of the future. For our customers and for society.


Our focus is on energy efficiency. This protects the environment and saves costs.