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Crankcase Ventilation

During the operation of combustion engines, so-called blow-by gases are produced in the crankcase. Composed of oil mist, exhaust fumes, unburned fuel and water, they are harmful to the environment and can adversely affect the engine if they enter the engine compartment unfiltered.

We offer you a wide range of active oil mist separators that ensure highly efficient cleaning and active blow-by conveyance in crankcase ventilation, directing the separated oil back into the oil pan. The reduction in the amount of oil entering the engine’s intake system enables a higher boost pressure level, which can be used to increase engine performance and efficiency.

Our active systems achieve separation efficiencies of up to 99 percent, are scalable for every car application and reliably and effectively clean blow-by volumes of 100 to 1,000 liters per minute. We also offer high-performance fiber separators for commercial vehicles as well as agricultural and construction machinery: The blow-by gases flow through a fibrous medium, with the oil particles sticking to the fibers and being separated. Hengst fiber separators are also suitable as a simple retrofit solution and ensure that oil consumption is minimized and emissions are reduced.

  • Increased engine power and efficiency

  • Longer operational life of the suction system

  • Reduced emission values

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