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Oil Filtration

Modern combustion engines deliver top performance. This requires first-class lubrication, which enables the engine to function smoothly in the truest sense of the word. Depending on the application, several hundred liters of oil are pumped through the engine circuit every minute - and the quality of the oil filter makes a significant contribution to the performance of the overall system.

Oil filters from Hengst Filtration effectively remove impurities from the oil circuit and are particularly robust, durable and easy to service. Our Energetic® filter inserts guarantee optimum filtration and maximum flow even under the highest loads. We also offer solutions for intelligent transmission oil filtration, which ensure the purity of the transmission oil with minimized differential pressure and needs-based separation rates.

To enable flexible, compact and cost-efficient fluid management, we develop specially adapted modular housings that are characterized by high functional integration and minimal flow resistance. Our solutions ensure optimum lubrication at all times and thus unrestricted motor performance. This not only prevents premature wear of moving parts, but also reduces key operating values such as fuel consumption and emissions. And this benefits not only the engines, but also the user and the environment.

Your benefits:
  • Higher engine power

  • Protection against premature wear

  • Lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions for the end customer

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