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Other Filtration Solutions

With our other filtration solutions, you'll experience first-class performance and protect your vehicle from harmful contaminants - for a smooth ride and long-lasting reliability.

Everything from a single source: in addition to traditional filtration applications, we also offer a wide range of other vehicle service products in the famously high Hengst quality.

Our comprehensive product range includes tailor-made solutions for a wide array of special applications.

Centrifuges: oil filter centrifuges are often used in the commercial vehicle sector as well as in agricultural and construction machinery. They operate in bypass flow parallel to the main filter.

Oil mist separators: oil mist separators separate blow-by gases from the engine crankcase.

Cold water filters: cold water filters provide optimum protection for engine cooling.

Brake air dryers: compressed air is kept free of moisture by a special granulate.

Manual pumps: Manual pumps are used to control fuel flow, vent the fuel system and ensure a steady flow of fuel.

Urea filters: Urea filters play an important role in reducing harmful nitrogen oxide emissions and help meet stringent emissions regulations.

Hydraulic oil filters: Hydraulic oil filters are crucial in removing contaminants from the hydraulic system to ensure smooth operation and longevity of hydraulic systems in various applications such as construction equipment and industrial machinery.

In addition, we supply screw caps, service parts, screen filters and many more.

  • Comprehensive product range for special applications

  • Operational life and performance of motors are lastingly optimized

  • Increased operational safety of vehicles

  • Effective motor protection with special separators or pre-filter solutions

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