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More than 200 engineers from a wide range of occupational fields are all working to achieve our vision of “purifying our planet.”

Our hashtag #filtrationforfuture isn’t a marketing slogan but rather a common practice: we develop filtration solutions to meet the needs of the future, always in the interests of living and doing business in the most sustainable way possible.

More than 200 engineers work at Hengst Filtration in a broad variety of occupational fields, ranging from product development, design and testing to quality, production technology, simulation, and patenting.

They also possess various qualifications: filtration, engineering, chemical engineering, process engineering, automotive engineering, and quality control and assurance.

All this expertise lets us work in tandem to achieve our grand vision: purifying our planet.

Hengst offers engineers many opportunities to further their skills beyond just the field of technology and to pursue work with a greater purpose.

Dr. Lars Petersen

Dr. Lars Petersen

Team Leader in Product Predevelopment in Particle and Droplet Filtration

Tech Center Filtration: the heart of our predevelopment

In 2023, we’ll also be opening our new Tech Center Filtration in Münster – our headquarters for everything having to do with filtration. The Tech Center Filtration is positioned upstream of all divisions and development units, for example, to innovatively address problems in the field of fuel cell technology or microplastic filtration. This is where we develop new areas of expertise and solve problems facing society.

All job vacancies in the Research and Development unit at Hengst

All of our current job vacancies can be found on our job board. You can filter the vacancies according to your preferences by checking off the “Research & Development” box under “Business unit.”

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Stefanie Klein

HR | Central functions & Filtration for Industry and Environment

Andreas Sander

HR | Engine and Mobile Filtration


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purifying our planet

Our vision

We make the planet a purer place with our products. We also take this journey as cleanly as possible.


We develop the filtration solutions of the future. For our customers and for society.


Our focus is on energy efficiency. This protects the environment and saves costs.