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Air Filtration Industries

The production of food, microchips, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive goods is subject to strict regulations. In most cases, clean rooms are required in which the room air must be free of fine dust, vapors, pathogens and other harmful substances.

Hengst Filtration develops and produces filter solutions that reliably clean the outside air supplied to industrial buildings and plants - and thus create the basis for optimum production conditions. We also offer high-performance filters for production areas and processes in which harmful, explosive or toxic substances are produced, for example through material removal - so that no pollutants are released into the outside air. This means that production, people and the environment benefit equally from our solutions.

Your benefits:
  • Reliably dust- and pollutant-free indoor air

  • Optimal production conditions for sensitive goods

  • Prevention of harmful emissions

Industrial air filtration products

Optimize process and ambient air quality with our industrial Air filters. We offer filter classes G2 to U16 for various applications.

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We make the planet cleaner with our products. We also make the journey there as clean as possible.


We develop the filtration solutions of the future. For our customers and for society.


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