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Air Filtration Automotive

Air filters are essential for the safe and efficient operation of petrol and diesel engines: The engines, depending on performance level, suck up to 2,400 m³ of air per hour with a particle content of up to 50 mg/m³. Dust and other foreign particles in the airflow not only affect engine performance, they also damage the entire engine and its electronic components.

The modern quality filters from Hengst Filtration permanently remove the particles from the intake air and thus ensure an optimally metered fuel-air mixture. This ensures the best possible combustion, which helps meet increasingly stringent emission standards. Our filters achieve separation efficiencies of approximately 100 percent and thus ensure their impact over the entire maintenance interval. With reliable air filtration, we make a lasting contribution to the clean running of the engine, which extends its service life - and protects valuable resources.

Pollution-free air quality is also important inside vehicles. After all, exhaust fumes, dust and pollen can severely impair the driver’s health and ability to concentrate. The cabin filters from Hengst Filtration almost completely filter out pollutants, allergens and unpleasant odors from the outside air drawn in, thus ensuring a healthy and hygienic climate in the vehicle.

  • Cleaner running and longer engine life

  • Compliance with emission standards

  • Perfectly functioning air conditioning system

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