Sustainability: Purifying our planet

People, processes, products – in all areas we want to operate as sustainably as possible and thus make the planet a little cleaner.

Purifying our planet: That is our mission. Starting with the small things, in each of our products, up to the big corporate strategy. Everything we do aims to make our planet cleaner and enable us all to live more sustainably.

This journey began when we were founded in 1958. Because the core of filtration is: Separating the harmful from the useful: in the air, in water, in oil. And every day, millions of times.

It is at least as important to us that we take a sustainable approach to the products. We would like to use more bio-based raw materials, produce in a way that conserves resources and energy, and constantly improve the recyclability of our products.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we presented our internal Sustainability Award for the first time in 2022. Every year, all of our 23 locations are called upon to develop ideas for CO2 reduction and more sustainable products.

All this is our contribution to a cleaner planet.

The second internal Sustainability Award goes to Münster. The winning team changed the end plates of selected filter inserts to recycled plastic. This conversion saves hundreds of thousands of liters of crude oil and several thousand tons of CO2 per year.
First step taken: On the way to Group-wide climate neutrality 2030 has been operating its headquarters in Münster climate-neutrally since 2022.
Hengst organizes the Sustainability Week in Münster with the topics energy, mobility, nutrition and production.
Hengst presents the first internal Sustainability Award to its site in Joinville, Brazil. Around the plant, 15,000 trees are planted, which grow quickly and remove a lot of CO2 from the air.

Sustainability begins with people

However, sustainable management is not just about good products and clean production – it starts with people. For our employees, we therefore always create new offers for an environmentally conscious working life and inspiration for a sustainable private life. This applies above all to the areas of energy, mobility, nutrition and health.

And with our company kindergarten in Münster and events for the families of our employees worldwide, we are already taking the next generation with us on our mission "purifying our planet".

Our filter solutions and their contribution to sustainability

Our filters are more than just technical innovations - they make an active contribution to environmental protection, resource efficiency and health protection.


Environmental protection and pollutant reduction

Our filtration solutions play a key role in the purification of air and liquids. By reducing the emission of pollutants, we prevent them from being released into the environment. This measure not only contributes to environmental protection, but also has a positive impact on indoor air quality and production environments and therefore on people's health.


Conserving resources and saving energy

Our filter products are designed in such a way that they not only deliver maximum performance, but also have low air resistance in the process. This not only significantly reduces energy consumption, but also minimizes costs and reduces the ecological footprint. We firmly believe that resource efficiency is the key to a sustainable future.


Longer service life

The use of our filters protects machines and systems from the ingress of pollutants. This significantly extends the service life of these devices. This extension not only reduces the need for energy-intensive new production, but also contributes to a sustainable circular economy

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purifying our planet

Our vision

We make the planet a purer place with our products. We also take this journey as cleanly as possible.


We develop the filtration solutions of the future. For our customers and for society.


Our focus is on energy efficiency. This protects the environment and saves costs.