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It’s all a matter of organization.

Management of the Hengst SE: Christopher Heine (CEO), Holger Krumel (CFO), Howard Boyer (COO)


In our capacity as managing directors, we devise the strategies and define the scope of action necessary to allow our employees to do their part in making our planet cleaner by contributing innovative and sustainable solutions.

When we ask our customers what they conceive as the property that sets us apart, they frequently reply: “Your employees radiate so much more passion than anyone else (passionate)!”. We take great price in this assessment and want to keep fostering this passion.

To this end, we entrust extensive responsibilities to our executive personnel, who, in turn, place responsibility on their employees (enabling). None of this is possible without mutual trust (trustworthy) in the performance of the other person as it forms the basis for the promotion of lean processes that will no longer require excessive control mechanisms. 

Another essential pillar is the entrepreneurial conduct (entrepreneurial) each and everyone of us shows based on the question: What would I do if this were my company?

Living and breathing this PETE management culture helps create a framework for our interactions that will let all employees share their own points of view. This will allow ideas to spring up and solutions to evolve that have yet to exist. This is how innovations come to be!

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