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It’s all a matter of organization.

The Hengst organization is structured in a classic model, but also in a clear and consolidated way. It was established in 1958, and it is still today managed as a family business in the third generation. Particularly over the last few years Hengst Group has undergone rapid growth. Currently our organization includes 16 locations in nine countries. Together with our 3,000 employees, we achieved a turnover of around €425 million in 2017.

Jens Röttgering - Owner and Chairman

"I like professional structures, a start-up spirit; I enjoy the success and seeing a purpose in what I am doing. If these conditions are present, you grow with your business."

Christopher Heine - Chief Executive Officer

"It motivates me to encourage executives and employees to enhance and develop themselves on a daily basis. This is the foundation for customer satisfaction and international growth."

Howard Boyer - Chief Operating Officer

People who have worked with me know my simple business philosophy – People, Planet, and Profit.
• People first, because it is the greatest resource of any organization that has to always grow and develop.
• Planet, because it is everyone’s responsibility to assure sustainability and protect our environment for the future.
• Profit – through continuous improvement of every process in the organization – not only operations – we assure a future for our people and the company.

Achim Brömmel - Chief Technology Officer

"I am driven by passion for intelligent solutions and the challenge of overcoming limits in a team."

Gunnar Voss von Dahlen - Chief Financial Officer

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