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Environment and sustainability.

Environmental protection is deeply engrained into our company.

We are developers and manufacturers of products which among other things have the task of protecting human health and the environment. Nature and sustainability play a big role in a double sense. So it is not only our products that make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment, but also the way we operate. But what does "environment" really mean?

Employees + company + nature = environment.

We take our environment seriously in every respect. In the process, our environmental management system ISO 14001 assists us as well as our self-imposed targets and intentions.

A respectful way to interact with each other, work safety and occupational safety are of special importance in the entire Hengst Group. But we are also aware of the social responsibility as an employer of 3,500 workers, and we rely on a healthy growth program which is geared towards maintaining existing jobs as well as creating new ones.

Our responsibility towards the company and to nature has a great importance in two respects, because not only do we produce environment-friendly products, but we also produce them in an environment-friendly manner.

For this reason, we ensure their perfect functionality during the development of our products. After all they contribute to the protection of the environment and of human health - their performance and reliability are especially important to us for this reason. Moreover, the materials and raw materials we use in the development of our products have to be gentle to the environment, and in the end produce as little waste as possible. In this context, we place great importance to environmentally friendly primary products. In the Hengst environmental standard a list of prohibited and declarable substances is placed, which must not be included in products that are delivered to us or have to be declared.

At Hengst all production sites are designed to be environment-friendly and sustainable. Thus, we invest in environmentally compatible technologies. All the machinery, plants and devices in our own production reflect the concept of sustainability, and they allow our production processes to be ecological and economical at the same time.

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