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Social engagement.

Do good and talk about it.

Families, children and adolescents are our particular concern. With our charities we support numerous projects worldwide, especially by fulfilling the wishes of young people and by helping them to gain an optimistic perspective to their future.

Herzenswünsche e.V., charitable organization

Herzenswünsche has set itself the task of fulfilling the wishes of seriously ill children and young people in Germany, to help them in their recovery and to get them out of their daily routine at the hospital. Whether it is about travelling, meeting their idols or an adventurous event, Herzenswünsche makes every effort to ensure that the dreams of these children and adolescents come true. The organizaton was founded by Wera Röttgering, the daughter of the company founder, Walter Hengst. With a total of 70 volunteers and full-time helpers, the association currently makes at least one dream come true every day.


The initiative aims to focus on children who have been particularly affected by the Corona pandemic. The aim is to give the young people a perspective in the current crisis situation, but also beyond. The aim of the sports mentoring project is to support and strengthen children in their personal development through a mentor, the sports mentor, with the help of sports activities, in order to give all children the same chance. A sports mentor looks after his or her sports mentor child on a 1:1 basis. They meet weekly, are active in sports, listen and are there for the child. At the same time, they act as role models and motivators - in short, as "best friends."

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Schule mit Köpfchen e.V.

This Münster-based association makes it possible for us to support schools and to challenge and encourage children and young people beyond their requirements at school. In competitions they are given the opportunity of getting involved in certain skills and to be given prizes and awards. Schule mit Köpfchen e.V. would like to motivate young people to broaden their capabilities and talents to pave their way to a professional career.

Cooperation between school and business

In cooperation with Kardinal-von-Galen-Gesamtschule in Nordwalde and St. Mauritz Gymnasium in Münster, we want young people to become enthused for technical careers. As a vocational training company for eleven occupations and five dual courses of studies we care a lot about young people leaving school. They are given the opportunity of looking into the different jobs by visiting the company, completing internships or attending lectures in schools.

Cooperation with educational institutions

By granting technical and financial support we also promote schools and universities worldwide in the vicinity of our locations. A wide range of internships is supposed to make the pupils and students find out about their job opportunities at Hengst after school or university.

We see ourselves as part of our society, and as a company group we are committed to supporting social, charitable and welfare organizations all over the word.

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