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Blue.maxx - The intelligent fuel filter concept

Blue.maxx is setting new standards in fuel filtration. A low weight, due to a consistent lightweight design and the optimization of the installation space unites with maximum performance. The pioneering perfor-mance data with respect to dirt and water separation speak for themselves!

The technological leader in every respect

You can rely on it: Technologically leading components make Blue.maxx a powerful and durable fuel filter for all areas of application. Three good reasons to choose the fuel filtration of the future:


Filter insert Energetic

  • Optimum quality at all times thanks to the visible fuel insert
  • Environmentally friendly service thanks to Energetic® metal-free filter insert
  • Installation safety avoids incorrect handling and the installation of inferior counterfeit products

Manual hand feed pump

  • High feed volume at low operating forces
  • Maximum functional safety thanks to the piston principle
  • Low loss of performance due to the flow-optimized design

Filter housing

  • Intelligent design with integra- ted water collection area
  • Fill level can be checked at any time via the window
  • Simple maintenance without special tools
  • Flexible installation due to various connection options

Your benefits at a glance:


  • Installation protection against counterfeit products by means of a patented system

  • Prevention of unjustified warranty and goodwill costs

  • Environmentally-friendly service

  • Quality guarantee by means of a visible filter insert

The modular system

Housing with hand feet pump with or without heating

Filter insert Energetic 450

Adapter set

In preparation:

WiF sensor

In preparation:

Screw cap with window and drain plug

Operating manual

The operating manual supports you in the following task areas:

  • Averting hazards for personnel
  • Becoming familiar with the Blue.maxx fuel filtration system
  • Achieving optimal function
  • Recognizing and rectifying defects in good time
  • Avoiding faults
  • Reducing downtime
  • Extending the lifetime
  • Preventing environmental hazards
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