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Hengst atual.

With this move Hengst sustainably extends its "Industrial Filtration" division

Volker Plücker assumes responsibility for the business unit "Filtration for Industry and Environment

After Easter, the filtration specialist will start production in Münster of up to 10,000 breathing masks daily.

World innovation, Blue.tron, goes into series production for the first time in the BMW 6-cylinder diesel

O conceito do filtro Blue.on consiste em um invólucro, um tubo com derivação de filtro integrada e válvula de retenção que são projetados como componentes vitalícios, juntamente com um elemento de filtro substituível. Ao trocar o filtro, apenas o elemento do filtro totalmente incinerável precisa ser substituído.

Fluid-management module for Daimler HDEP engines wins the Aluminum Die-Casting Competition

Filter expert distinguished for "Blue.on", a resource-friendly alternative to screw-on oil filters.

With the plant in Jinan, the number of Hengst locations has already grown to 20.

The growing demand for filtration solutions on the market makes the establishment of another production plant necessary

Perfectly matched filter stages for increased suction capacity

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Hengst atual

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