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The range of products holds not only filter elements but also a series of duct air filters that are as innovative as they are proven. As a planner, you benefit from maximum flexibility. Due to the large number of possible variations, you will find a tailor-made solution for connecting the filtration to your specific ventilation system for every project. We draw on the full range of process engineering options for air filtration.

Product variants



Air duct filters

The MultiClean system ensures clean air in a wide variety of applications. It is suitable for the separation of coarse, fine and suspended dust as well as for the filtration of oil and emulsion mists.

  • Oil tight filter housing

  • Suitable for filter elements, filter pads and HEPA filters

  • Multi stage filter configuration

  • Engineered for high pressure applications

  • Variants: KLG, KLH and MultiCase cartridge system

  • One- to four-stage filter models, with regenerable or non-reusable filter elements

  • Enclosures: in powder coated standard steel or in stainless steel

  • Flanges in 610 / 610 Euro modular grid dimensions

  • Fittings (¾") for removal of separated liquids, provided in standard models

  • Operation pressures: + 1,000 Pa / – 2,000 Pa, reinforced model: + 20,000 Pa /– 50,000 Pa

  • Use of pressure-shock-resistant model as redundant final filter, downstream of dust-separation systems, with Pred up to 1.0 bar



Air duct filters

As a universal filter support, the EBE duct air filter is suitable for holding a wide range of filter elements from the filter range and can therefore be used in many applications.

  • Applications: switch board and IT systems, libraries and museums, water treatment plants, safety filter and dedusting facilities, kitchen exhaust air and filtration of air-borne solvents



Air duct filters

The air duct filter MultiMaster-Vario is sucessfully being utilized in general air treatment systems as well as process air filtration. Dry and liquid aerosols are effectively filtered.

  • Very durable technology

  • Premium framing enhances safety

  • Tightly bolted design fitted for activated-carbon filter units

  • Applications: process supply air, process exhaust air, general HVAC applications, gas & odour adsorbtion and kitchen exhaust air

  • Variants: GDB, MCB, KLW, MPW, CKG and fan module

  • Modular duct air filter system with universal application spectrum

  • Intelligent interfacing of various filter systems

  • Extensive applications: for example, process-air extraction, HVAC systems, supply and disposal of air to hall-type buildings

  • Innovative system that can be adapted to all requirements

  • A great diversity of combination possibilities

  • Designed in Euro modular grid dimensions of 610 / 610



Air duct filters

Whether supply air, exhaust air or process air: The MultiMaster universal duct air filter system always ensures clean air. Where fine dusts occur or odors have to be eliminated, this solution offers a wide range of possibilities. Supply and exhaust air in air-conditioning and ventilation systems can be cleaned with this quality system, as can the process air in the production halls of manufacturing companies. The filter elements are held by proven wall frames and are fixed in a galvanized sheet steel housing. Various filter inserts of filtration classes G4 to F9 as well as activated carbon cartridges are available for application-specific equipment.

  • Applications: process air and production shop floor

  • Enclosures made of galvanized steel or stainless steel

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Large-size service doors that are easy to handle

  • Peripheral, drilled flange on the dust-laden and clean air sides, with Euro modular grid dimensions of 610 / 610

  • Fast and clean exchange of filters

  • Measurement points for pressure drop measurement

  • Also available as assembly sets

  • Extensive standard accessories available (e.g. pressure-drop monitoring DeltaTronic)



Air duct filters

Whererever contamination control is the most critical requirement, high security filter system MultSafe will systematically protect against any viral, bacterial, radioactive, or any other toxic airborne threat.

  • For highest safety standards

  • System with gas tight casing

  • Tightness class D

  • Maintenance-free filter adjustment device

  • Applications: hospitals, food production, gene laboratories, isolation wards and nuclear facilities

  • For application of highest saftey standards

  • System containing a gas-tight and torsion-resistant housing

  • Tightenss class D according to DIN13779:2007

  • Operationally filter adjustment device

  • Filter leakage test during operation

  • Contamination free filter service

  • Decontaminable surfaces

  • Unit available in steel, powder-coated (RAL 9010) or stainless steel

  • Wide selection of filter units available

  • Optionally available in EX-proof design

  • Pperational pressure up to 6,000 Pa suction pressure

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