Hengst Kinderland: Our company daycare center in Münster

Hengst Kinderland has been Hengst Filtration's in-house daycare center in Münster since 2008. With 30 places, our employees can combine work and family life much more easily and rely on high-quality care for their children.

In 2008, we opened our company daycare center "Hengst Kinderland" with 30 childcare places in the former home of our company founder Walter Hengst in Münster. This is available exclusively to our employees. The benefits are obvious:

  • Work-life balance: compatibility of family and career
  • Close proximity and short coordination channels to the children and teachers
  • High-quality care by pedagogical specialists
  • A loving and nurturing environment

At Hengst Kinderland, parents have the option of choosing from a weekly quota of 35 or 45 hours of childcare. Kinderland is generally open all year round, with the exception of two weeks during the summer vacations and the days after Christmas.

Hengst Kinderland offers 380 square meters of floor space, including two group rooms, bedrooms and quiet rooms, a cosy dining area and an 87 square meter gym.

The large outdoor area offers children numerous opportunities for exercise, sensory experience and exploring nature. There is a large sand area, a wall with trees, a nest swing, toddler swings, a slope slide, a water play area and a small and a large climbing tower, which invite children to play and learn intensively with friends. Playhouses, hedges, shrubs, natural stones and old trees offer children places to retreat to and invite them to play hide-and-seek.

At Hengst Kinderland, we attach great importance to a balanced diet that meets the needs of our children. We provide our children with meals throughout the day, which means that we offer them a balanced breakfast, a nutritious lunch and a healthy afternoon snack. All meals are freshly prepared in our company restaurant Walter's to ensure that they are of the best possible quality.

There are also regular collaborations between our company restaurant and Hengst Kinderland, such as the daycare herb garden. Here, the children learn how to grow and harvest herbs and what they are used for in the kitchen.

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