Filtration Fuel Cells

Ion exchanger Blue.iox

Quickly reduces the initial ion concentration in the coolant circuit

During fuel cell operation, ions are introduced into the coolant. These result from the aging of the coolant itself or from components in the coolant circuit. Effective filtration is therefore required to ensure safe operation of the fuel cell. The innovative Blue.iox ion exchanger from Hengst offers an exceptionally high level of protection with minimum maintenance. The unique design of the filter cartridge with axial filter flow and the special mixed bed resin system for cation and anion exchange ensure high filtration efficiency over the entire service interval. The ion concentration in the coolant circuit is thus reduced very rapidly.

Modular system offers solutions for all applications

Hengst offers various sizes in its modular program, to meet the requirements of smaller systems as well as fuel cell systems for heavy-duty machinery and stationary and maritime applications. Besides offering standard solutions, the core competency of Hengst is system integration, which is put to use here in the development of customized ion exchanger concepts. The Blue.iox from Hengst is also designed for easy maintenance: A screw cap allows the filter cartridge to be replaced cleanly without special tools, while integrated shut-off valves prevent coolant from escaping.


Ion exchanger Blue.iox – Your customer benefit at a glance:

  • Filter cartridge can be replaced without special tools

  • Clean filter replacement and no leakage of coolant

  • Easy to customize due to the modular design for different capacities (400meq, 800meq, 1500meq)

  • Minimum differential pressure t hanks to optimally matched resin filling


The Blue.iox ion exchanger ensures safe and efficient operation by minimizing the electrical conductivity of the cooling medium.


Blue.iox guarantees safe operation of fuel cells by reducing the ion concentration in the coolant circuit

In fuel cells, the coolant results in a possible electrical connection of the bipolar plates of the fuel cell stack to grounded adjacent components. For this reason, ionic components in the coolant circuit are problematic, as they lead to an increase in conductivity. The result can be electrical short-circuit effects and power losses. Over the lifetime of a fuel cell, ions can enter the coolant circuit in different ways. 

The Hengst Blue.iox ion exchanger ensures rapid reduction of the ion concentration in the coolant circuit and thus safe operation of the fuel cell. Due to its design concept, it can be easily integrated into all fuel cell applications from "small to large". The innovative design with axial flow concept in the filter cartridge ensures a consistently high filtration performance over the entire service interval. 

In addition, the Hengst Blue.iox ion exchanger is designed for easy handling and low TCO: A screw cap allows the filter cartridge to be changed cleanly using standard tools, while the integrated shut-off valves ensure that no coolant escapes during servicing. With the Blue.iox ion exchanger, Hengst thus offers a key component for the further spread of fuel cell systems in the mobility and power generation sectors.

The innovative design of the resin system in the Blue.iox filter cartridge ensures effective ion reduction throughout the entire service interval. All materials used are designed to be long-lasting and were selected for their compatibility with typical coolant formulations.


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Mathias Diekjakobs

Product Manager for Fuel Cell Filtration Europe/Asia

Wolfgang Hilfenhaus

Sales & Application Manager North America


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