Filtration Fuel Cells

Cathode air filter system Blue.netic

Effective air purification for sustainable fuel cell performance

Fuel cells not only enable climate protection targets in the marine and industrial sectors to be achieved more quickly, but also reduce dependence on fossil fuels. With a technology kit for cathode air filtration, Hengst offers an efficient way to ensure the performance of fuel cells in the long term. This applies in particular to applications in ships, in stationary large-scale and megawatt plants, and for electrolysers. Here, particularly adverse operating conditions often prevail and high demands are placed on reliability.  

Protection from harmful gases and particles

The technology concept developed by Hengst offers free scalability of the filter areas and thus of the volume flow through the filter system. In the event of higher demand, the individual filter stations can either be enlarged or several stages can be operated in parallel - filter systems for fuel cells with an electrical output of several megawatts can also be easily implemented. 

Overall, cathode air filtration is an important component of electrolysers to produce high-quality and reliable hydrogen and prevents contamination by salts and moisture in the fuel cell itself, which cause corrosion.


Cathode air filter system Blue.netic – Your customer benefit at a glance:

  • Fuel cell gas filter provides effective protection of catalyst and membrane

  • Matched filter stage ensure highest dust holding capacity and collection efficiency

  • Modular filtration and air treatment stages provide easy adaptibility

  • Designed for rugged use in stationary and marine applications

  • Easy service of the filter elements

  • Application range from medium sized plants to megawatt applications

  • Integration of measurement technology for filter monitoring possible


Cathode air filter system for stationary and maritime applications


Modular design of the cathode air filter systems

The cathode air filter systems from Hengst have a multi-layer structure. Each layer is optimized for a specific task, so that the complete system offers reliable protection against all harmful particles and gases in the intake air when all filter stages work together. Thanks to a high degree of modularization, all requirements for the various applications worldwide can be met from a uniform technology kit. This results in the shortest possible development and application times, increases robustness and durability through the use of tried and tested, coordinated modules, and makes the use of the components particularly economical over their lifetime. The range of applications covered by Hengst cathode air filters extends from small fuel cells and mobile systems in the on- and off-highway segment to large systems for stationary power generation and for ships.

The 5-stage air filter system for large stationary and maritime fuel cell systems shows an exemplary packaging of the filter stations in a compact housing. The individual elements can be easily removed and replaced for servicing. Instead of being installed as a complete module, individual filter stages can also be accommodated in separate housings, for example for integration in confined installation spaces. OEMs also have the option of combining only individual modules with existing filter stages and putting together their own cathode air filter system.


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