Emulsion mist separator

MultiAir Premium

Separation of emulsion mists and solid aerosols.

Mists resulting from water-mixed cooling lubricants or emulsions also carry fine aerosols. These mists, however, have properties that are different from oil and dry dust. Our filter combinations assure high degrees of droplet separation and very fast collection of the separated droplets. By using different types of pre- and fine filters, the aerosol separator can be optimally adapted to each individual application.

Owing to its compact dimensions, MultiAir Premium can be directly installed where it is used: i.e., just where cooling-lubricant mist and liquid and dry aerosols are emitted. The system guarantees a high degree of flexibility. A selection of module sizes and high-performance fans allow optimal matching to operational air-flow levels and to building conditions. Depending on the individual design, pre-filters, separators, after-filters and fan assembly are arranged as required.


MultiAir Premium – Your customer benefit at a glance:

  • Regenerable pre-filters (filter classes G2 to M5, in accordance with EN 779)

  • Various AeroPlus fine-filter cells (filter classes F7 to H13, in accordance with EN 779 and / or EN 1822), as fully incineratable main filter with plastic frame – which prevents swelling of the material as with wooden frames

  • Simple replacement of filters through large service doors

  • Patented MultiTronic filter control system, with pressuredrop monitoring for all filter stages, and processor-controlled (closed-loop) air flow

  • Standard ¾" removal fittings for each filter stage, for disposal of the removed aerosols and liquid cleaning agents

  • Fast replacement of plug-in seals made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) with stainlesssteel cores


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